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Snow Days!

It seems like Carter has been waiting forever to play in the snow, since we really didn’t get much last year. After a mild winter, we finally got some snow, and Carter got his first snow day from school! Mom had fun making snow angels, a snow fort, and playing at home. On Saturday dad had to take him to the hills for his first real sled ride. Pictures? Pictures.

Thanksgiving in New York

Thank you so much to our gracious hosts, we had another wonderful Thanksgiving in New York. We began with a special visit to our old stomping grounds in Boston, so a special thanks to Sam, Colin, Joe, Brian, and Carolyn for taking the time to catch up with us. Of course, we also had an amazing time in the city with Granny & Grandad, as well as upstate where Uncle David and Aunt Trina were generous enough to open their vacation home to the entire extended family. It was a very special visit that will be remembered forever. You can enjoy some of the pictures (mostly of the Central Park Zoo) here.