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Carter Starting His Bike All By Himself

Carter had lost interest in his “big boy” bicycle. It was too tricky to pedal up the hill on our street. I decided he was giving up on too many things that were too tricky, so I took him to a big, open, flat parking lot. He had a blast! Then I got a phone call whil he was waiting for a push. Rather than continue to wait, he decided to figure out his own way to start all by himself. This is the second time he had ever done it. I am so proud!

Prairie Dog Century

Prairie dog Century morning route

Prairie Dog Century morning route

I have completed my first century, 100 miles on my bike! The route was split up around lunch, with the option of stopping after 100km. I was not sure if i could continue past lunch, but was very proud to say I did the whole thing. Moreover, I met a nice group of people and I was able to keep up with them for the whole event. I did not do a good job recording start/stop times, but I was told we averaged just under 18mph for the whole trip, not including stops. I am very proud of that, but I will say it is so much easier to ride in a peloton. I had a great time, saw some beautiful country, and met some wonderful people. It was a great experience. You can see the Prairie Dog Century morning route and the afternoon route.

Update 9/24/2008 – Results are posted here and I am recognized as completing my first century here. My official average speed was 13.09mph. I forgot to clock back in before lunch, so it would have been more like 13.85mph. I signed up for the ride the rivers century and I think I can do a lot better by not stopping as long, now that I have more confidence.